Washington State Cyber-Terrorism

Premeditated use of disruptive activities against computers and/or networks
with intent to cause
social, ideological, religious, or political harm by intimidation



Internet Denial-of-Service Attacks


Christine O Gregoire, Governor, State of Washington. Mark A Emmert, President, University of Washington.

Christine O Gregoire, Governor, State of Washington and Mark A Emmert, President, University of Washington permitted Ronald A Johnson, formerly Vice President of Information Technology to launch Internet Denial-of-Service attacks to prevent public disclosure of state and university crimes. He used taxpayer funding to conduct an unlawful cyberwar on this International Electronic Magazine (published since 1992) which caused more than $500,000 damage during 2008 also inestimable publishing losses.

Ronald A Johnson, Information Technology, University of Washington.

Unable to challenge words with more words,
they tried to kill the messenger and destroyed the medium.

Political Expedience

Washington State Cabal permitted Ronald A Johnson, formerly Vice President of Information Technology, University of Washington (UWIT) to initiate Internet denial-of-service (DoS) attacks: an electronic prior restraint. Johnson prevented publication of constitutionally protected reports and destroyed computer systems. The Cabal condoned his criminal activity and granted him impunity despite a unanimous Washington Supreme Court decision (30 Mar 06) which reinforced constitutional rights to publish the same material. By that, the Cabal violated federal and state laws in attempts to silence a journalist who holds international press credentials by denying him access to the Internet absolutely. [Supreme Court Decision #1] [Supreme Court Decision #2]

The term “cabal” describes a clique that clandestinely usurps power with intent to perform illegal acts for political expedience and to obtain or maintain public office and power through cunning practices. If one finds repugnant: the prior restraint upon media; the lack of social responsibility; the rise of everyday violence to which people have become accustomed; the dehumanization of feelings; and the development of oligarchies, then cabals provide the final expression of human separateness and the ultimate consequences of organized abandonment. They focus their sights upon dissenters and journalists who write about politically sensitive issues then jail them.
[Political Correctness - most read Contra Cabal article]

Washington State Cabal comprises Christine O Gregoire, Governor, State of Washington (WA); Mark A Emmert, President, University of Washington (UW); Phyllis M Wise, Provost and Executive Vice President, University of Washington (UW); all aided and abetted by Robert M McKenna, Attorney General, State of Washington (WA). By using straw state and university lawyers, they have conspired to use electronic prior restraint to prevent the public from knowing about state and university crimes. They do not respond to correspondence or investigate criminal allegations; instead, they allow Johnson to preside over a campaign of Internet terrorism to prevent public awareness of crimes that could influence the electorate. [Malfeasance]

Using computer software and Internet access points as cyber-weapons, Johnson destroyed communication networks in retaliation for publishing unpopular opinion. During 2008, he caused $500,000.00 actual damage which has reduced web assets by several million dollars and inestimable collateral losses through blocking newsletter circulation. He deliberately started a cyberwar - an assault upon electronic communication networks.
[Denial-of-Service Attacks]

The Ultimate Machiavelli - Steven G Olswang, Lawyer,  University of Washington.
 Fiddler's Unprincipled Bitch - Carol S Niccolls, Lawyer, University of Washington

Gregoire and Emmert have known about Johnson’s illegal computer activities for twelve and four years, respectively; however, they adopted laissez faire administrative policies and used willful blindness to distance themselves from Johnson’s criminal activity. They evaded their responsibilities in law by using Carol S Niccolls and Steven G Olswang (UW lawyers) as go-betweens who allowed Johnson to launch hundreds of web site attacks and destroy computer systems and networks with impunity.

Primarily an economic doctrine, laissez faire, which literally means "let things alone", arbitrarily opposes regulation so that politicians and bureaucrats can operate according to their own rules in violation of law. Willful blindness means contrived ignorance that allows evasion of civil or criminal liability by feigning unawareness of facts that involve personal liability. Officials try to avoid knowing something that will incriminate them; however, courts usually assume that they “know” anyway when a high probability of a cover-up exists. If left unchallenged, then both these unlawful practices effectively grant impunity to perpetrators of crimes.

An eighteenth-century doctrine, laissez faire favors capitalist self-interest as a means to obtain optimal prosperity and freedom. In fact, it benefits politicians and bureaucrats to the detriment of those that they should serve. It ranks as a dangerous economic gamble and relies upon secrecy which should have no place in a democracy.

George Bernard Shaw described laissez faire as the most tyrannous and disastrous of all orthodoxies. It has no standing as a defense in criminal matters and using it to withhold records or to obstruct verification or validation of information compounds crimes. It has become a convenient way for government officials to act with indifference to the basic principles of law and in a new media environment it especially supports Internet denial-of-service attacks. [Incompetence and Willful Blindness]

Prior Restraint and Internet Crimes
University and State of Washington

Governor Christine Gregoire and UW President Mark Emmert permitted a series of Internet crimes in violation of a Washington Supreme Court decision that protects Contra Cabal from prior restraint.

Instead of responding to words with more words, they permitted UW technicians to harass the publisher. They destroyed media with intent to prevent exposure of myriad criminal activity by government and university employees.

University of Washington, Information Technology used a proxy server in Washington DC for massive web site flooding in another attempt to crash Contra Cabal sites (17 Jun 08).

State employees used multiple denial-of-service attacks which caused $500,000 actual plus inestimable collateral damage to computers, databases, applications, and networks in both US and EU.

They then prevented this article and others from appearing on the Internet for 21 months. Additional diagnostics and system repairs cost more than $10,000.00 plus cost of collateral damage to associated web sites, subscriber databases, and mailing applications.

[University Internet Crimes - Full Text]

A Washington Supreme Court decision unanimously reversed lower court rulings which imposed an unconstitutional prior restraint on publication of Contra Cabal; however, Johnson has used public funds to sabotage the same publications and computer systems to effect an electronic prior restraint. His sabotage has denied constitutional rights by destroying web sites, equipment, and databases to prevent publication of constitutionally protected web articles and newsletters.
[Supreme Court Decision #1]
[Supreme Court Decision #2]

A recent UPI article highlighted the unwillingness of US media to report DoS attacks. Furthermore, Washington State news media consistently self-censors reportage on DoS activity which gives solace to cyber-terrorists. The recent debacle in Estonia set a dangerous precedent (now classified as electronic terrorism) which takes place globally, particularly in Russia, China, and now the US.
[The Silence of the Media Lambs]
[The New York Times - Estonia]

For public employees to deliberately destroy computer systems shows malice. To ruin the means of restoration before committing the destruction shows malice aforethought. To cause the network that serves the computers to fail triples the malfeasance. An axiom clarifies the modus operandi: If you cannot challenge words with more words then kill the messenger and destroy the medium.
[Kill the Messenger]

When a criminal act occurs more than once, it defines as a pattern or practice of criminal activity covered by Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (defined by the Civil Rights Act and RICO statutes). US federal law provides for extended penalties for criminal acts performed as part of an ongoing criminal organization. A RICO pattern of racketeering means two or more organized criminal acts which indicate ensuant activity similar to the pattern of DoS attacks and other crimes committed at University of Washington. That pattern includes conspiracy to commit crimes of coercion through wrongful use of force or fear. RICO provides only that it “requires at least two acts of racketeering activity” which indicate ensuant activity within a ten year period.


Twenty years of harassment and agism by University of Washington officials associates with Contra Cabal web sites and the livelihood of its publisher. The author compiled a body of academic work during more than a decade of doctoral research at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (RPI) and University of Washington (UW). However, S Michael Halloran, Professor Emeritus, Language Literature and Communication (LL&C) and Ronald A Johnson, Vice President, Information Technology (IT), arbitrarily closed computer accounts (1987 and 1996 respectively) in breach of contract, without due process, and in violation of university regulations. By that, they maliciously destroyed or otherwise denied access to the content of databases in attempts to "disappear" the author in a politically expedient campaign of personal destruction which allowed other faculty members to delete or steal his work. [Dissertation Trilogy]

Following the university account closure by Johnson, the author opened a commercial account (24 Feb 95) with Infinity Internet (formerly NW Link). Johnson and other UW personnel immediately flooded it and downloaded malware and ‘bots which they have repeated for a 14-year period. Infinity has had a long-time association with University of Washington since it started in business and relied upon UW email software applications. It has repeatedly harassed or prejudiced the author at the whim of Johnson.

Phyllis M Wise, Executive Vice President, University of Washington did nothing to stop the vandalism. Although Internet Service Providers (ISPs) must not participate in unlawful activity by hackers to evade their responsibility to report Internet crimes to FBI, Infinity arbitrarily closed the account (30 May 08) instead of addressing and reporting the issues to FBI. This caused extensive damage as the Infinity account carried all bank and other passwords also application download criteria which took seven months to replace or repair. Ending the principal email address caused hundreds of problems with software application registration and activation and mailing lists using that alias. It also prevented newsletter subscribers from contacting the editor.
[Infinity Internet formerly NW Link - WIP]

Complaints to government authorities (31 Jan 00) requested a full and independent investigation of federal crimes at University of Washington. It alleged that Johnson hacked into Contra Cabal computers over a five-year period in violation of federal law and destroyed research databases; however, they did nothing to address the issues. [Solicitor General of the United States] [Statement of Facts] [Sherking Responsibility]

Niccolls and Olswang frustrated attempts to obtain due process of law by concealment of crimes and by obstruction of a nine-month American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) investigation which found reasonable and probable cause for prosecuting Johnson and other university officials. Complaints to US Department of Education (USDoE) and American Association of University Professors (AAUP) suffered a similar fate. All three investigations came to an end when Niccolls and Olswang used politically expedient ploys to frustrate scheduled hearings. Prosecutors should have indicted both of them for obstruction of justice.

Continuing harassment by university administrators has prevented the author from defending PhD dissertations at both universities and obtaining gainful employment despite doctoral cumulative grade averages of 3.85 (RPI) and 4.0 (WA). Both universities used denial of due process and electronic prior restraint to block PhD defenses and registrars at both universities have forged or destroyed official transcripts to support false and misleading contentions. [Nothing Succeeds Like Excess]

Many documents in the databases derived from special archives in Europe which the author cannot replace due to arbitrary removal of his academic status, library privileges, and computer accounts concurrent with electronic prior restraint on his research materials. Both universities destroyed documents that described cutting-edge technology achieved after more than fifty years of writing, graphic design, and systems invention. In some cases, the author developed the technology to meet the need for specialized digital publication. Several of the paradigms resulted in typographic encoding which twenty years later supported desktop publishing applications: original work which some RPI and UW faculty members have since plagiarized.

Ironically, Rensselaer used the author’s thirty-year prior experience as an industry CEO (and later as a professor) to boost a virtually non-existent technical and graphic communication program. They exhibited his professional portfolio at an academic conference as “an example of RPI student work” to boost their enrollment propaganda despite objections by the author. The portfolio contained hundreds of documents describing forty years of graphic art and systems design loaned on the understanding that they clearly describe it as professional and not academic work. Instead, they fraudulently exhibited it as student work and used his credentials to cover up the fraudulent promotion of non-existent programs.

One of the exhibits, A Catalog of the Cary Collection of Playing Cards (Four Volumes, Yale University Press) produced during 1970s for Yale University Library and published in 1981 contained four books with text in eighteen different languages that required digital and photo-typesetting. The author spent several years developing a variety of special interfaces for prototype equipment in both UK and US to overcome the multiple language problems inherent in specialized book production. Proprietary equipment, software, and research did not exist for typesetting so many languages in a single set of books containing esoteric mediaeval dialects with many diacritical characters. The author researched the languages and developed the technology to meet digital typesetting needs. That paradigm led to typographic encoding which two decades later supported desktop publishing systems.
[Arbitrary and Capricious Evaluation]

Agism and harassment have led to executive and judicial misconduct which granted impunity for Internet prior restraint and an indeterminate prison sentence without charge, trial, or legal counsel for publishing details of crimes. A straw judge issued an ambiguous contempt citation, arguably outside his jurisdiction, for not closing down web sites. The author languished in King County Jail, Seattle, Washington for 111 days with 25 days in solitary confinement and 23-hour lockdown. Those events alone call for an independent investigation into unlawful and unconstitutional activities among UW and WA state officials. [Archives]

Indeterminate, politically expedient jailing affects a prisoner very differently from those who have predetermined sentences. Prisoners with lawful sentences can make calendars and check off the days in anticipation of release. Those with indeterminate sentences have nothing to count which takes away any expectation of release. Effectively, they serve life sentences and can only record the passage of time; however, they find in solitary confinement that self-perception goes through important shifts and time moves on relentlessly. Obliteration of time coincides with obliteration of self: when self-consciousness begins to dim so does any recognition of elapsed time.

Washington State judges ignored judicial ethics in a demonic withdrawal from reality that manifested in an inability for them to return from their fantasies. Morally indefensible in principle and practice, they covered up questionable activities by Council House Cabal that employed them to grant impunity and anonymity which enabled them to completely disregard law. Evidently, that Cabal felt secure with several judges in its pocket and an unlimited university resource at its disposal.

Evil people invariably believe that they must remain anonymous and work to achieve that goal. Cabal judges granted them anonymity and impunity; straw lawyers helped them evade their responsibilities and the law through deception, misrepresentation, and arrest or incarceration of innocent people; furthermore, suborned witnesses provided perjured testimony and ethical witnesses suffered intimidation.

When judicial decisions appear fantastic then delusion probably helps concoct them. In a fantasy world, traditional journalistic structures ceased to have relevance and dénouement (solving problems conclusively) served no useful purpose. The judge determined that the author deserved punishment for writing. By that, the judge ignored conventional reality and constitutional rights related to free expression and assembly. [Council House]

Kafkaesque Comparison

Franz Kafka (1883-1924) summarized the troubled individuals he experienced in his nightmarishly impersonal world which the author found a century later in Troy, New York and Seattle, Washington. Kafka understood political estrangement more than any other writer of the last century and aptly described the anarchic situation that now exists in Seattle. Published posthumously (1925), he wrote:

Franz Kafka

There can be no doubt." said K., quite softly, for he was elated by the breathless attention of the meeting; in that stillness a subdued hum was audible which was more exciting than the wildest applause "there can be no doubt that behind all the actions of this court of justice, that is to say in my case, behind my arrest and to-day’s interrogation, there is a great organization at work. An organization which not only employs corrupt warders, oafish inspectors, and examining magistrates of whom the best that can be said is that they recognize their own limitations, but also has at its disposal a judicial hierarchy of high, indeed of the highest rank, with an indispensable and numerous retinue of servants, clerks, police, and other assistants, perhaps even hangmen, I do not shrink from that word. And the significance of this great organization, gentlemen? It consists in this, that innocent persons are accused of guilt, and senseless proceedings are put in motion against them, mostly without effect, it is true, as in my own case. But considering the senselessness of the whole, how is it possible for the higher ranks to prevent gross corruption in their agents? It is impossible. Even the highest judge in this organization cannot resist it. . . .

As he looked round, he saw the top floor of the building next to the quarry. He saw how a light flickered on and the two halves of a window opened out, somebody, made weak and thin by the height and the distance, leant suddenly far out from it and stretched his arms out even further. Who was that? A friend? A good person? Somebody who was taking part? Somebody who wanted to help? Was he alone? Was it everyone? Would anyone help? Were there objections that had been forgotten? There must have been some. The logic cannot be refuted, but someone who wants to live will not resist it. Where was the judge he'd never seen? Where was the high court he had never reached? He raised both hands and spread out all his fingers.
[Cruel and Unusual Punishment]

Antonio Gramsci (1891–1937) wrote about dissent from prison (1928):

I would like you to understand completely, also emotionally, that I’m a political detainee and will be a political prisoner, that I have nothing now or in the future to be ashamed of in this situation. That, at bottom, I myself have in a certain sense asked for this detention and this sentence, because I’ve always refused to change my opinion, for which I would be willing to give my life and not just remain in prison. That therefore I can only be tranquil and content with myself.

Christine O Gregoire - Retouched Beauty Masks Corruption

The author suffered alienation (similar to that endured by Gramsci in a fascist environment) while he languished in King County Jail. The experience encouraged him to use words even more powerfully. By that, he countered the terrorism imposed upon him by a Kafkaesque oligarchy in a quasi-democracy that hypocritically trumpets commitment to freedom of expression while censoring and jailing journalists without benefit of legal counsel. [Metamorphosis]

Council House, Seattle (which unlawfully jailed the author for reporting crimes) created an indefensible situation predicated upon racism, ethnic cleansing, and zero-tolerance policies that abrogate the rights of senior citizens. Several corrupt, unfeeling judges have since exacerbated elder abuse and homicide by granting oppressors impunity. [Seattle Jewish Mafia]

Council House directors and lawyers have laundered federal funds intended to benefit elderly people for political activity outside US (e.g. through Herzl-Ner Tamid synagogue for illegal West Bank settlements) and for commercial ventures in Seattle. They continue to violate US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations for personal gain and fraudulently receive grants from other taxpayer funded sources to use for private equity enhancement and asset building.


With unbridled endorsement of Israeli brutality of civilians in Gaza and Lebanon (and support of the iniquity at Guantanamo), this rabid Zionist mafia considers itself above the law and has tentacles that extend into Seattle society generally. Its members increase anti-Semitism through racial discrimination and outrageous cruelty against people unable to defend themselves: another instance of a traditionally oppressed group becoming contemporary oppressors. Council House mafiosi typify Washington State polity and injustice: a strange paradox based upon totalitarianism which regulates every aspect of life and anarchism that relies upon a state of lawlessness and disorder.

Law Enforcement

Two requests to Laura M Laughlin, Special Agent-in-Charge, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Seattle (31 Jul 08) and four requests to Robert Swan Mueller III, Director, Federal Bureau of Investigation, Washington DC asked for an investigation (Mueller received two of those complaints by certified mail). The complaints requested them immediately to obtain a cease and desist order then to follow up with a full investigation of the issues to ascertain probable cause for prosecution of Internet violations. At this time (14 Dec 08), FBI has not responded or granted interviews and Johnson continues his harassment and Internet vandalism.

During 2008, Gregoire received 12 fax messages, Emmert 8 email messages, Wise 26 email messages, and McKenna 14 fax messages asking them to stop the vandalism and condonation of state and university crimes. They ignored all correspondence; instead, they allowed Johnson to ratchet up the coercion and harassment. They now hold joint and several liability for $500,000 that Johnson’s vandalism cost during 2008 which does not include collateral damage to mailing systems and loss of subscribers. That figure does not include $5,000,000 damages for destruction of intellectual property and associated losses during the preceding thirteen years.

Network Solutions (NS), one of the ISPs for Contra Cabal web sites and email accounts, has started a probe based upon information furnished by detectives of Computer Crime Unit, Metropolitan Police (MP), London. The detectives claim that investigation of Internet web site crime rests with the corporation handling IP registration and hosting and law enforcement or prosecutorial authorities in the jurisdiction in which it locates its servers. They continue to analyze the images that they took from hard drives vandalized by UW and have said that NS should keep special logs to track illegal activity and to increase security to prevent it. NS has servers located outside US which makes UW vandalism of Contra Cabal web sites an international crime.

Prosecution of international intellectual property and computer crimes (other than vandalism of web sites) includes Internet denial-of-service attacks committed by US citizens upon foreign nationals and their equipment and databases. This could allow extradition of perpetrators for prosecution in the victim’s country of origin which would change the venue and overcome the rampant judicial misconduct in Washington State.

Anarchy, commensurate with its destructive purpose, has spread to the legal profession. From a civil perspective, an increasing number of Seattle law firms will not proceed against UW which uses its power, taxpayer money, and state connections to intimidate them into dropping litigation regardless of the merits of the case. This denies due process of law to anyone connected with UW either on campus or outside its insidious anarchy. New media has quietly become the means to practice electronic prior restraint which silences government critics without applying for a court order and predicates upon cyber-terrorism. [Denial-of-Service Attacks]

Journalism Rights

Prior restraint (to deny use of a medium before actual publication) chills free speech. It impinges upon journalism rights and can lawfully only result from a judicial decision to restrain publication. International laws prohibit any restraint upon journalistic expression without a court order which must find that the material does not qualify for protection in law. To obtain such a finding, censors must justify proposed action by proving a heavy presumption against constitutional validity.

In 1215, King John of England authorized Magna Carta under duress. He affixed his seal to parchment copies then had them publicly read throughout the realm. By that, he bound not only himself but his "heirs, for ever" to grant "to all freemen of our kingdom" the rights and liberties the great charter described. King John placed himself and England's future sovereigns and magistrates within the rule of law. Magna Carta mandated: "Justice be to none denied or delayed". That document now forms the core of American jurisprudence.
[What Say the Reeds at Runnymede?]

In 1644, during a former era of political correctness, the poet John Milton published Areopagitica which won him public recognition and notoriety as a spokesman against totalitarianism. Later, a similar treatise cost him a fine and a term in prison. He found out, to his detriment, that freedom of expression does not universally mean freedom to criticize and to oppose when facing corrupt judges: a situation now prevalent among Washington State judiciary in a country ironically defined as “land of the free”. [Political Correctness]

Milton pled for unlicensed printing and became famous as a spokesman for liberty by claiming that the state must act as umpire not as a player. Milton also made an eloquent defense of freedom of the press and opposed the restrictions of the Press Licensing Order of 1643. That edict required all journalists to gain approval from the government before publication of their work. It sought to bring publishing under government control by creating a body of censors to whom journalists had to submit their work for approval. Milton argued that the order attempted to control thought by coercion. In like manner, three Seattle judges tried to coerce the author with imprisonment in retaliation for reporting unlawful activities by state actors.

The judges meted draconian punishment by retroactively ordered censoring or deletion of published articles when the author followed his moral and ethical principles to expose unethical administration and malfeasance. They redefined news gathering as "surveillance" and news as "harassment" then retroactively ordered censoring or deletion of published articles. They placed a prior restraint on future articles by demanding signed news source waivers and ordering an unconstitutional surveillance prohibition. By that, they arbitrarily censored several web sites. They held the publisher in contempt of court and fined him $100.00/day then sent him to jail without due process of law.

In keeping with the precepts of Magna Carta, US Supreme Court (1976) enjoined: "Prior restraints on speech and publication are the most serious and the least tolerable infringement on First Amendment rights . . . damage can be particularly great when the prior restraint falls upon the communication of news and commentary on current events". However, State of Washington considers itself above the law by not following those mandates. It now uses cyber-terrorism to achieve unlawful objectives despite a Washington Supreme Court finding that unanimously reversed a previous prior restraint upon the same content. [Coercion and Constitutional Law]

University of Washington has frustrated accumulation of knowledge and allowed government and university officials to withhold public records which hampered a free flow of information that would expose crimes. Not only does the public have a right to know about government and public university practices, it also has a need to know. However, state and university officials do everything within their power to restrict access to public information in attempts to evade public accountability.

Instead of responding to words with more words, UW Internet terrorists try to destroy the medium to stop publication of content that exposes malfeasance. Holding a modicum of autonomy, universities ignore legislative codes that apply to them specifically. Unable to use rational discourse, they use power and taxpayer funds to suppress information by vandalizing computer systems and destroying intellectual property.

Contra Cabal web sites contain details of malfeasance by Gregoire, Emmert, Johnson, and Wise. They name public officials who hold no post-graduate academic degrees or other qualifications that a reasonable person would expect for employment in high government office. Particularly, they name officials who falsified academic credentials in election campaign material (including Gregoire), submitted falsified applications for taxpayer-funded employment, and obtained academic promotion by using forged documents - criminal offenses in Washington State.

Internet vandalism affects all journalists regardless of their economic level; those who occasionally file copy to meet deadlines by email can suffer just as much as large web site users who regularly disseminate news on the Internet. DoS attacks silence journalists through cyberspace coercion and SLAPP causes collateral economic damage. Both tactics involve censoring constitutionally protected speech.

SLAPP law states in part that: the legislature finds that the threat of a civil action for damages can act as a deterrent to citizens who report information to federal, state, or local agencies. The costs of defending those suits imposes a severe burden upon individuals by corporate entities. Purposely, it protects individuals for reporting issues that concern any government agency and gives the individual immunity from civil liability. [RCW 4.24.510]


The Cabal, supported by McKenna, has in collaboration with Niccolls and Olswang, tried to coerce the author to cease publication or to cause him bankruptcy by using SLAPP tactics. The cost of damage rises daily as Johnson continues to manufacture and use ‘bots to prevent publication of web page updates, subscriber newsletters, and media releases by sabotaging systems operation. The term “‘bots” describes robot programs (or purpose-made malicious software) that performs a repetitive task on a network or the Internet with intent to cause extensive damage to computer systems and web pages which eventually shuts them down.

Before publication of an article (18 Mar 08) which exposed malfeasance, UW Cabal received two warning notices (29 Jan 08) (5 Feb 08) about repeated denial-of-service attacks by Johnson which they ignored. Apprised of myriad computer and other crimes, they repeatedly denied due process of law by neglecting to respond to formal requests to cease and desist. Instead, they allowed a massive increase in harassment which reinforced previous attempts to prevent publication of content that exposed criminal activity. When asked to order cessation of Internet vandalism, UW Cabal effectively gave Johnson permission to continue to censor constitutionally protected speech.

By that, they violated journalism and human rights protected by international laws. Chronologies show a pattern of renewed DoS attacks by Johnson immediately following transmittal of requests to Gregoire, Emmert, Wise, and McKenna to cease and desist harassment. This means that Johnson can continue to harass journalists, publishers, and software manufacturers with impunity. He has virtually unlimited expert time and resources at his disposal.

Filing complaints with a university that holds a mandate to investigate itself, and consistently finds no reasonable or probable cause at clandestine hearings, means that no due process or recourse exists. Governor Gary Locke recommended that the Organized Crime Advisory Board petition the Supreme Court for an order appointing a special inquiry judge with the intent of naming a special prosecutor. However, both McCormick and Emmert insured that procedure did not take place by using Niccolls and Olswang to obstruct justice.

Thornton Wilson, while working for Gregoire as an Assistant Attorney General with the AG University of Washington Division, also withheld documents to cover up prior restraint. He supported Johnson in his denial of access to first-party documents and research material needed for complaint hearings. That started a multiple cover-up of crimes which Gregoire, as attorney general, condoned and reasserted a decade later as governor.


The Cabal has effectively granted Johnson impunity in its attempts to censor publication of protected speech that reveals alleged criminal activity in Washington State government and at University of Washington. After each request to cease Internet harassment it evidently encouraged Johnson to launch another DoS attack. Johnson and Sandra S Moy (his assistant) have orchestrated a pattern of DoS attacks for more than 14 years. They have gradually ratcheted up the coercion to a level that has virtually destroyed two electronic magazines first published in 1992.

During one day, Johnson prevented publication of eleven articles and associated newsletters by destroying networks, flooding web sites, sabotaging computer systems, preventing email transmission, and vandalizing databases. In a series of malicious attacks over nine months he totally demolished three computer systems. By that, he effectively destroyed six years work on web sites and expository articles with an asset value of $3 million in addition to decades of academic research.

Ronald A Johnson, Vice President, Information Technology, University of Washington.


Sandra S Moy, Information Technology, University of Washington.


Throughout 2008, Johnson systematically: cracked computer systems; flooded web sites; destroyed academic databases; censored incoming and outgoing email; sabotaged operating systems; vandalized hardware; destroyed telecommunications (VOIP), audio, fax, and wi-fi systems; prevented access to news services; reverse engineered licenced software as a weapon for cyber-attacks; destroyed continuous encryption devices and denied access to Internet bank accounts and financial data on local networks; altered itineraries to disrupt travel arrangements; changed typeface definitions and destroyed typeface libraries causing revision of thousands of word-processing files; sabotaged spell-checking applications to change content; sabotaged web dictionaries; destroyed mailing applications, mailing lists, and opt-out archives; coerced commercial internet providers to restrict service; and, has used taxpayer funds to cause catastrophic damage to private computer systems and databases. In addition to application sabotage, which necessitated purchase of replacement program CDs, Johnson blacked out notebook screens by destroying inverters which involved buying and installing stand-alone devices.

University of Washington IT essentially integrates with Microsoft (MS). Washington state government grants impunity for combined actions that UW and MS take despite federal laws that prohibit DoS activities. This has allowed state officials, state actors, and university administrators to participate with their lawyers in planned political campaigns for personal destruction. They started by destroying academic research databases of inestimable value, investigative journalism files, and university records that legally resided on UW computers then increased the harassment by launching DoS attacks on web sites.

Johnson used a variety of protocols developed from UWIT prevention research based upon Microsoft technology to deposit malware into computers. For example, he reverse engineered critical updates to MS Windows operating systems by downloading ‘bots then used MS automatic download as a vehicle to transfer 'bots to targeted computers.

Since January 2008, systems and equipment repair exceeds $500,000 which does not include inestimable collateral publishing damage. During March and April 2008, Johnson transmitted DoS ‘bots which caused actual and collateral damage to databases, systems, web pages, and subscriber networks in excess of $150,000.00. A recent catastrophic attack (22 Sep 08) denied use of the Internet with damage that cost $60,000.00 to repair.

All systems remained inoperative while a computer crime unit examined databases and the purpose-made ‘bots that Johnson downloaded. The attacks prevented use of portions of the system for twenty-one months which required sending and receiving email on public access computers to avoid connecting machines under repair directly to the Internet.

Proprietary Software as a Cyber-Weapon

If Johnson can vandalize computers owned by an individual to such an extent, then he can reek multi-million dollar havoc on more substantial users. Manufacturers of licensed proprietary software need to heed these warnings and address the issues. They should insist that FBI agents protect them and their customers from technological sociopaths and their sponsors by putting them behind bars.

It took about sixty hours to reformat hard drives and reinstall applications then reactivate them on several computers. That process first required manufacturers of proprietary software to provide new CDs that contained updated applications. Johnson then launched more attacks using different criteria to destroy the new computers, their operating systems, and programs.

For their own well-being, some manufacturers have started to investigate the reverse engineering of their downloaded software for use as weapons in cyber-attacks. Altered software becomes a weapon for sabotage. Reverse engineering introduces ‘bots not only into installed applications but also into downloads prior to installation. These violations of federal and international laws affect all users of the web in one way or another.

A vulnerability occurred after the switch from CD to downloads for new or updated software which left applications wide open to abuse. Activation protocols protect manufacturers against counterfeiting; however, they do not close the portal for malware that not only destroys application software but, perhaps more perniciously, alters it to make it perform randomly as a cyber-weapon.

Illegal software alterations swamp technical support departments with questions that they cannot answer due to the purpose-made nature of ‘bots. Johnson sabotaged complex search engine applications to make them inoperable. A technician provided a new activation code for licenced software to overcome that sabotage. When the application would not open, he suggested the use of a repair function to fix it which showed absence of a file critical to its operation. After copying and pasting the file from a backup, it stayed in the directory for about ten seconds then deleted itself - an action replicated automatically by a ‘bot.

Johnson had introduced a ‘bot that automatically made a timed deletion of the critical file. He not only destroyed installed applications but also reverse engineered downloads to make them inoperable or to install and perform randomly. The manufacturer had to send a new program CD to overcome the problem which required reformatting the hard drive to eliminate the ‘bots.

Johnson uses live ‘bots to find which programs reside on a particular computer then makes malicious adjustments to downloaded applications and FTP commands so that they respond randomly. Before vandalizing systems, he deleted downloaded applications from the download directory to prevent reinstallation and destroyed backup and restore systems. In most cases, repairs involve reformatting hard drives and reinstalling all programs and databases.

Machiavellian Principles
have applied at University of Washington and within
Washington Executive and Judicial branches for more than two decades.

This series of articles especially relates to malfeasance by Christine O Gregoire, Governor, State of Washington (WA) and Mark A Emmert, President, University of Washington (UW). It exposes officials in the executive and judicial branches of government, especially judges who have committed gross judicial misconduct by ex parte contact and opined on issues not in evidence for political expedience.

Marcus and Christa

Marcus and Christa

Bound forever in mutual blackmail after rooting for truffles, they have their snouts permanently in the trough. With an inclination not to share, they constantly watch each other to prevent stealing.

The author exposes public officials who hold no post-graduate academic degrees or other qualifications that a reasonable person would expect for employment in high government office. Particularly, he names officials who have included falsified academic credentials in election campaign material, submitted falsified applications for taxpayer-funded employment, and obtained academic promotion through Easy Rider degrees and political machination - now a criminal offense in State of Washington. [Easy Riders]

A person who falsely claims to possess a credential issued by an institution of higher education to gain a position in government commits a gross misdemeanor. In State of Washington, a gross misdemeanor carries with it maximum punishment of one year imprisonment and/or $5,000 fine. That does not take into account punishment for malfeasance. [RCW 9A.60.070] [RCW 9A.20.021]

The term "malfeasance" means misconduct or wrongdoing, especially by a public official. It refers, with associated expressions "misfeasance" and "nonfeasance", to neglect in discharging public obligations under common law or statutes. "Impunity" means exemption from penalty and freedom from punishment for malfeasance and other crimes. [Impunity]

Academic harassment defines as behavior by university administrators, the executive branch of government, and the judiciary which: unreasonably interferes with faculty member, public intellectual, or student academic performance and freedom of expression both on or off campus; distributes verbal, written or electronic communication with the intent to annoy; interferes with the operation of computer systems; causes unlawful arrest; creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive environment; directs ad hominem remarks with intent to demean, belittle, or cause personal humiliation or embarrassment; threatens, intimidates, or coerces for unlawful purposes.
[The Ultimate Machiavelli]

Taxpayer-Funded Salaries and Academic Fraud

Emmert receives more than $1 million/pa in salary and expenses. Instead of starting his term (14 Jun 04) with a clean sheet and an honest staff, he employed McCormick’s hit men and paid them exorbitant salaries as hush money when he should have had them indicted for fraud, computer vandalism, and other malfeasance. An irony exists when Emmert paid his hit men millions of dollars above the norm concurrent with Gregoire ordering him to reduce his expenditure by $10 million to meet a state shortfall (16 Oct 08) less than three weeks before her reelection bid (04 Nov 08).

Emmert inherited Johnson, Niccolls, and Olswang from his predecessor Richard L McCormick, despite their publically acknowledged malfeasance. He increased Johnson's salary from $252,000.00 to $321,684.00, an increase of $69,684.00 (27.65%/4) and salaries for both Niccolls and Olswang from $138,000.00 to $190,560.00, an increase of $52,560.00 (38.08%/4). The salary for Moy increased from $205,644.00 to $247,740.00, an increase of $42,096.00 (20.47%/4).

Niccolls initially accepted a university appointment after negotiating McCormick's employment contract at a clandestine East Coast airport luncheon. State law precludes assistant attorney generals from accepting employment offered by individuals or institutions for whom they negotiated contracts yet Niccolls became McCormick's executive secretary, a deal that resulted in an immediate hike in salary from $43,200.00 to $93,699.00 and later through Emmert’s "generosity" to $190,560.00. Gregoire, then attorney general, sent Niccolls a cute, handwritten personal note congratulating her on the unlawful appointment instead of calling for her indictment.

Central Washington University (CWU) administrators demoted an IT manager for allowing pornographic material on that university’s electronic bulletin boards. University of Washington officials questioned whether the material enjoyed constitutional protection and that a ban might not be “wise, legal or proper”. Niccolls, then an assistant attorney general, rightly claimed (except for later laws which ban child pornography) that First Amendment protection of free expression applied to pornography despite a state auditor’s claim that it did not. She claimed that UW could allow "expressive speech" on its computers which she claimed appropriate in a university environment that exists to promote a broad arena for learning. By that, she coined an oxymoron by supporting pornography on the Internet while denying access to protected content to cover up university crimes.

An obscene salary hike from $43,200.00 to $190,560.00 colored Niccolls’s thinking and persuaded her to become a jurisdictional assassin. She has since carried out unlawful tasks for successive unscrupulous UW presidents and evidently prefers pornography to reports of malfeasance by herself and her associates. She collaborated with Johnson in censoring academic research data and expository content by participating in Internet denial-of-service attacks and computer vandalism. Ironically, she censored or indulged in prior restraint of content identical to that which Washington Supreme Court validated by a unanimous decision (30 Mar 06).

Both Niccolls and University of Washington have remained strangely silent about her academic credentials contrary to university practice; however, Washington State Bar Association (WSBA) confirmed her admission (#6239 06 Nov 75). Like Niccolls, Olswang provides a good reason for silence - money without integrity.

A professor of education turned lawyer, Olswang has a reputation for disingenuousness and fraud. Known among Seattle lawyers as “Dr. Bait-and-Switch” he has acted as a presidential hit man for almost two decades. During that time he involved himself in myriad illegal activities and quadrupled his income.

With a bachelor's degree in sociology from Northwestern University, a JD from University of Illinois, and a PhD in higher education administration from University of Washington, Olswang successfully weaseled his way into a faculty position in the same department from which he graduated (known as academic incest). Registrars at each of those universities could not find any evidence of him earning a master’s degree. WSBA confirmed his admission to the bar (#6030 08 May 75) just six months before Niccolls. He then wormed his way into an administrative position to become the UW Machiavelli. [The Ultimate Machiavelli]

Camillus Lee Odell - Kafka

Johnson received double the salary paid to a full professor with tenure as an adjunct professor although he possessed none of the qualifications for the position. He then leveraged salary increases by adding false academic credentials to his curriculum vitae and now receives about four times the original salary although he holds virtually no qualifications to justify his appointment as an associate professor with tenure or in any other teaching capacity. He classifies as an easy rider who obtained academic “credentials” through arbitrary, capricious evaluation and quid pro quo. [Easy Riders]

Johnson published his job title as: “principal technology/IT officer as well as a tenured faculty member in the Information School and the Department of Computer Science and Engineering” which immediately aroused suspicion given a litany of sociopathic behavior, pathological lying, and semi-literacy rewarded by an obscene salary: pointers historically known to cover up a lack of mandatory credentials.

Degree verification and validation at a string of universities showed that Johnson never earned a baccalaureate degree let alone degrees that would qualify him to become a professor. Several investigations into his academic experience confirmed fraud. A close examination of UW payroll records also evidenced quid pro quo with fast-track promotions using easy-rider criteria. [False Academic Credentials - WIP]

In State of Washington, a person who falsely claims to possess a credential issued by an institution of higher education to gain a position in government commits a gross misdemeanor which carries with it maximum punishment of one year imprisonment and/or $5,000 fine. That does not take into account punishment for malfeasance. Issuing a false academic credential, or concealing the fact that one exists, classifies as a class C felony punishable by confinement in a state correctional institution for five years, or by a fine of ten thousand dollars, or by both which qualifies UW Cabal members for jail time.

University of Washington officials knowingly participate in granting or sustaining false credentials. They classify as accessories before or after the fact when they give assistance to someone alleged to have committed a felony by submitting false academic credentials or if they neglect to act when they know about other crimes. They also commit a crime if they knowingly grant or award a false academic credential or misrepresent that a credit earned or granted by another person applies to promotion or appointment to a faculty position. At law, they rank as accomplices in the commission of crimes even if they take no part in the actual offenses.
[RCW 9A.60.070] [RCW 9A.20.021]

University of Washington (UW) has specific regulations governed by Revised Code of Washington (RCW) and Washington Administrative Codes (WAC). Although the university has a degree of autonomy or self-government, it remains accountable in law and federal regulations govern all aspects of constitutional and human rights.

All administrators and faculty members remain accountable to the State of Washington and by extension US Government. Administrators receiving state salaries or managing federal financial aid and sponsored programs classify as state actors and must comply with both federal and state laws. Laissez faire policies do not classify as a defense and withholding public records or neglecting to verify or validate information about crimes compounds existing felonies.

With his outrageous behavior over an extended period, Johnson has exhibited sociopathic tendencies. The Cabal has condoned his criminal activities for political expedience and granted Johnson impunity instead of arranging indictment for myriad crimes. By that, they show their lack of responsibility to serve the public and uphold the law.

Sociopathic Behavior

Electronic Prior Restraint




Judge James A Doerty, Superior Court, King County, Washington. Stephen A Mitchell - Elder Abuse Terrorist Ronald A Johnson, Internet Terrorist.


The late William D Winn, a distinguished educational psychologist and director of the Learning Center at the Human Interface Technology Lab (HIT Lab), University of Washington described Johnson as “the most evil man I have ever met”. The author worked closely with Winn for more than seven years as a visiting professor while completing doctoral research which Johnson later deleted from UW computers.

Winn reached his conclusion after studying Johnson’s pathological lying, abhorrent behavior, and machination which he defined as sociopathic. The term “sociopath” (formerly psychopath) describes the DSM-IV clinical term “antisocial personality disorder” which comprises aggressive, impulsive, antisocial behavior. Later investigations supported Winn’s findings by revealing that Johnson invented most of his forty-year career and established it with false academic credentials. Faculty members and students continue to avoid him like they would a plague for fear of the malicious damage that he does to careers.

Johnson’s lack of credentials provides some understanding of his psychotic desire to destroy the careers of people who have more experience and qualifications than he can possibly achieve himself. Semi-literate, he has manipulated himself into a top university job through guile and false academic credentials. Sociopaths, inherently confrontational, feel no fear of repercussion or ostracism. They lie pathologically and perform a mafia role. This has allowed successive amoral UW presidents to distance themselves from the crimes committed in their names by using willful blindness toward Johnson’s dysfunctional behavior. [Sociopathic Trio - WIP]


Gregoire has neglected to order University of Washington to cease and desist the use of unlawful means and taxpayer resources to fund DoS attacks that harass and censor professors and journalists. She has covered up serious crimes at University of Washington for at least twelve years and allowed Johnson to cause $500,000.00 damage to web sites, computer systems, and networks during 2008 as a prior restraint on information about state and university criminality that could have adversely affected her reelection campaign - federal and state crimes for which she does not hold immunity. Her anarchy results from a failure of the legislature to control lawlessness and disorder. It manifests in an absence of political authority and cohesive principles that predicate upon a common standard or purpose. In Washington state, that stems from condonation of crime for political expedience.


All salaries shown per annum after annualizing. See Portable Document File (PDF) for citations.

Christine O Gregoire - Retouched Beauty Masks Corruption

Whores of the Realm

US Supreme Court has determined that executive immunity bears the burden of justification based upon the nature of the act performed, not the identity of the actor who performed it. Political expedience coupled with bias defines as malfeasance and provides probable cause for lawsuits against governors who do not enforce constitutional guarantees.

If Gregoire does not comply with law, then her malfeasance makes her liable to the party injured in an action at law, suit in equity, or other proper proceeding for redress. Washington state legislature must decide whether Gregoire can answer four questions affirmatively given the extensive, documented malfeasance extant in Washington State executive branch and at University of Washington.

In deciding probable cause for impeachment, a reasonable person must ask four questions that relate to any challenged act, omission, or decision:

1. Did the challenge involve a basic governmental policy, program, or objective?
2. Was the act or omission essential to the execution of that policy, program, or objective?
3. Did it involve agency policy evaluation, judgment, and expertise?
4. Did the agency possess constitutional, statutory, or lawful authority?

If clear and unequivocal answers in the affirmative result, then the challenged act, omission, or decision can, with reasonable confidence, classify as a discretionary governmental process regardless of its lack of wisdom. If one or more of the questions call for, or suggest a negative answer, then an official inquiry must take place into the facts and circumstances.

Reasonable grounds, coupled with good-faith, afford a discretionary basis for exemption from lawsuits for official acts performed by governors who hold qualified immunity dependent upon the scope of discretion and responsibilities of their office. However, executive disciplinary action predicates upon whether a governor under any statute, ordinance, regulation, custom, or usage, exposed a citizen of the United States (or other person within that jurisdiction) to deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured by constitutional law.

University of Washington administrators continue their autocratic form of government. That institution has the open support of the governor and attorney general in its criminal and exclusionary activities. Gregoire continues to deny due process of law using delay then denial of justice tactics as she has done for several decades.


Computer vandalism and Internet denial-of-service attacks continue. The Cabal has effectively granted criminals impunity and FBI, despite repeated requests, has apparently done nothing to stop the commission of international crime.

As governor of a state that claims democracy, Gregoire must: allow voters to decide issues based upon information obtained from the Internet; give them access to information relative to both sides of any particular issue; carry out her duty and responsibility to protect freedom of expression; stop condoning or granting impunity to government-funded censors and technologists; and stop interference with, and destruction of, the careers of controversial journalists and academicians by government officials.

Gregoire must immediately issue orders publicly to University of Washington to cease and desist use of taxpayer resources to fund unlawful denial-of-service attacks that harass and censor journalists to support political expedience. Otherwise, she has an international cyberwar to address. She has covered up serious crime at University of Washington for at least twelve years. Now she must come clean and take action to insure that due process of law takes place.

Phyllis M Wise, Provost and Executive Vice President, University of Washington.

Phyllis M Wise, Provost and Executive Vice President, University of Washington (UW) received twenty-six messages (2008) which asked her to order her staff to stop Internet denial-of-service attacks and other alleged criminal activity. Instead, of responding to the issues, she covered them up using willful blindness. Meanwhile, the vandalism continues. In law, the term "willful blindness" describes contrived ignorance. Officials seek to evade civil or criminal liability by feigning ignorance of facts that involve personal liability. [Incompetence and Willful Blindness]

Former Governor Gary Locke made the following recommendation upon hearing about the UW malfeasance; however, Gregoire (both as attorney general and governor) with Richard L McCormick and Mark A Emmert (successive UW Presidents) has ignored Governor Locke's suggestions for mediation and mitigation:

The Superior Court could call a grand jury if so requested by a public attorney on a showing of good cause. Also, the Organized Crime Advisory Board may petition the Supreme Court for an order appointing a special inquiry judge. If a special inquiry judge is appointed, the organized crime advisory board shall, with the consent of the Governor, name a special prosecutor.

This statement counters record falsification, withholding, destruction, and forgery for political expedience by registrars at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and University of Washington. See curriculum vitae menus for substantiating information.

Paul Trummel PhD (RPI ABD), PhD (UW ABD), MS (RPI), MSc (UK), BSc (UK)
UK equivalencies in graphic communication recognized by Boston University, Northeastern University, Rochester Institute of Technology, Fitchburg State College, San Jose State University, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, and University of Washington with comparability twice certified by International Education Research Foundation (IERF), a credential evaluation service accredited by US Department of Education

Associate Professor, Communication and Rhetoric (Retired)
Special Doctor of Philosophy Program (SPhD), University of Washington
Fellow, International Society of Typographic Designers (FISTD)
Fellow, Institute of Paper Printing and Publishing (FIOP)
Member, Society of Authors, London

International Federation of Journalists, Brussels (International Press Card)
National Union of Journalists, London (UK Press Card)

Washington State Cabal

Accessories before and/or after
the fact of alleged criminal acts.

UW Cabal (clique) consists of an exclusive group of state actors (employees and faculty members) who usurp power for political expedience in violation of
Washington State and Federal laws.

State of Washington

Christine O Gregoire
Washington Governor
WSBA Bar #7919

Robert M McKenna
Attorney General
WSBA Bar #18327

University of Washington

Frank M Byrdwell
former Assistant Registrar

Mark A Emmert

Elizabeth L Feetham
former Affiliate Asst. Professor
former Associate Dean
Graduate School

Allen D Glenn
Professor and Dean Emeritus Education

Marsha J Hanks
Counseling Services
Graduate School

Mark P Haselkorn
Human Centered Design
and Engineering

Lee L Huntsman
Professor Emeritus
former President

Ronald A Johnson
former Vice President
Information Technology

Van E Johnson
former Associate Registrar

Marsha L Landolt
former Dean
Graduate School

William M McGovern

Ernest R Morris
Vice President Retired
Student Affairs

James D Nason
Professor Emeritus Anthropology

Richard S Neel
former Associate Dean

Carol S Niccolls
Special Counsel to President
WSBA Bar #6239

Matt O'Donnell

Steven G Olswang
former Vice President
WSBA Bar #6030

Lois Price-Spratlen
Professor Emerita
Psychosocial and
Community Health

Judith A Ramey
Human Centered Design
and Engineering

Eliza A Saunders
Office of Public Records and Open Public Meetings

Helen Sherk
Biological Structure

Jan H Spyridakis
Professor and Chair
Human Centered Design
and Engineering

W W Washburn
Asst. Vice President Retired
Enrollment Services

Phyllis M Wise
Provost and
Executive Vice President

Internet Service Provider

Douglas Palin, CEO
Infinity Internet Inc.
(formerly NW Link)

Letters to the Editor

Let us Assume says Becker

Secondary Teacher (Retired)

As an American citizen I would hate to think that justice is as poor in the rest of the United States as is reflected in this hearing in Seattle, WA. As a former secondary teacher, I am equally appalled at the quality of education as reflected by Judge Becker's comments. Somebody in her teacher training missed the axiom: this is the problem, what is the issue.

A Seattle Jew Speaks Out

Senior Citizen

After reading how the Jewish Mafia operates in Seattle at Council House, an apartment block for senior living, I cannot help contrasting it to my own experience growing up Jewish in Seattle . . . hate-mongering at its worst . . . [Judaism] has never served me positively. On the other hand, Jungian psychology/philosophy has been my course and continues to support my psyche's conscious development - my "religion" of sorts.

Another Jim Jones?

Lauren Jeanne Hawk

Remember how Jim Jones started in San Francisco? The authorities thought he was terrific and he had widespread support. Whenever Mitchell talks about people who have resisted him, his face distorts and his anger pours out. . . . Many people have told me they support me fully but can’t take the chance to go to the authorities for fear of retribution from Mitchell. The sadness I feel for their fear and stress keeps me going.

First-Rate Gay Lawyers
in Town


. . . Jimmy, a former Children's Court babysitter before he stumbled into his $100,000+/yr judgeship, ain't exactly a legal whiz to begin with. With literally no judicial background whatsoever, he's mooching off his fellow Gays to hold his job. With all the first-rate Gay lawyers in town, a little weasel like Jimmy was a poor choice for the bench.

Becker is a liberal woman who does not care about the law!

Janet Lanterman

Mary Kay Becker - A lazy opinionated woman, who uses the judge's bench to promote her own beliefs instead of following the law. . . . The attorneys involved in the case were stunned, and felt betrayed by the judicial system and especially Becker who was supposed to be smart.

Letters to the Editor

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Nothing Succeeds like Excess

Academic freedom, an absolute right not an abstract philosophy, should not subserve economic considerations.

Moreover, information technology remains a right not a privilege despite technocratic claims to the contrary.

Legislative and judicial decisions have determined the right of individuals to distribute information freely and the Bill of Rights documents the protection individuals should expect from the state.

However, laws do not provide much protection when despotic administrators interfere with computer resources because they disagree with the content of messages: a disagreement probably based upon disclosure of their own malfeasance.

They fear dissent and have an aversion to controversy. Their addiction to political correctness frequently causes them to invoke censorship of Internet activities.

They not only empower their systems administrators to handle frivolous email complaints by arbitrarily removing computer access but also allow them to censor incoming mail - an outrageous invasion of personal privacy.

They act upon an irrational expectation that certain categories of email may contain something that Big Mama would not wish others to read then arbitrarily reject it.

Interference with email transmission not specifically proscribed by federal law classifies as a federal offense which Rensselaer and University of Washington officials commit with impunity.

About the Author

Paul Trummel (Nmesis)

Paul Trummel, published since 1944, uses the pseudonym Nmesis and openly declares personal or conflicting interests.

These conflicts may relate to topics or to opinion, especially when the content draws upon advocacy, experience, conclusion, or interpretation.

As an accredited journalist, he conforms with the code of conduct and ethics of the journalism profession, tested by courts in both Great Britain and the USA.

Since 1947, he has worked as a journalist, an editor (commercial and academic peer-review), a technical communicator, an associate professor (visual communi-cation and rhetoric), and as an administrator at several leading universities.

He has held international press credentials since 1959 and holds two elected international graphic arts fellowships.

He earned professional letters in the UK that translated into two baccalaureate degrees and a terminal graduate degree in the US.

He has also earned a Rensselaer graduate degree and two US PhD degrees (now ABD).

[Sherking Responsibility]

He taught graduate level students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Northeastern University, Fitchburg State College,
San Jose State University, Massachusetts Bay Community College, and a private institute of graphic design.

He held an administrative post at University of Massachusetts, Boston, and has lectured at universities in US, Europe, and Japan.

In 1957 (London), he founded and operated the first full-service technical communication organization, a group of publishing and technical/graphic communication companies where he held the position of chief executive officer.

In 1973 (Connecticut), he designed and marketed the first typesetting system driven by a minicomputer, the precursor for today's desktop publishing systems.

He has won an international silver medal for his satire and a US city award for his educational programs for disadvantaged people.

Since 1992, he has investigated and written several hundred articles on bureaucratic and elder abuse.

He founded Contra Cabal, one of the first electronic magazines to appear on the web, for which he develops the site, writes articles, designs pages, and produces graphics.


Contra Cabal has now published for almost fifteen years.

Earlier, it published as email for six years. The hits/month now range between 100,000 and 150,000 with more than a million hits during the past twelve months.

Articles cover ongoing criminal activity by bureaucrats and elder abuse.

They describe the actions of corrupt judges and gross misconduct by lawyers who file frivolous law suits against tenants in government financially-assisted housing.

They outline how managers use unlawful retaliatory measures and propaganda to destroy the reputations of people who report illegal activity and racism.

Washington Supreme Court unanimously reversed a lower court decision that effectively allowed prior restraint and defined journalism inquiry as surveillance and harassment.

Repeatedly, lawyers who could find no fault with content instead personally attacked the author or his genre.

A corrupt judge imposed prior restraint and jailed him for contempt when he challenged the court decisions as a basic violation of constitutional and human rights.

To further coerce him, in consort with other jurists, the judge then arbitrarily transferred him to solitary confinement among murderers and rapists.

His published work in the print media for more than sixty years has received no challenge relating to accuracy.

People, among them elected judges and lawyers upon whom the public should be able to rely, have tried to stop him publishing information on politically sensitive issues.

That prior restraint, and restrictions on personal mobility, has now become a matter of international concern.

American Civil Liberties Union
(ACLU - Seattle),
International Federation of Journalists
(IFJ- Brussels),
National Union of Journalists
(NUJ - London),
American Society of Authors and Editors
(ASAE - New York),
and Seattle Weekly
have all filed amicus curiae briefs with Washington Supreme Court in support of his successful First Amendment stance.

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Contra Cabal Foundation

Contra Cabal web sites have achieved an extraordinary readership.

If Paul Trummel dies before he completes his work, then trustees have authority to continue publication as an educational project through the newly formed Contra Cabal Foundation, London which will own all publication rights.

The Foundation will publish Contra Cabal in perpetuity in the way that Sonia Orwell posthumously published the collected works of George Orwell.

Foundation trustees and directors (professional people, lawyers, and academicians in UK and US connected directly and indirectly with the International Federation of Journalists) will supervise editorial and design functions using young investigative reporters and graphic designers who wish to further their education in journalism.

They will receive trade union freelance rates of payment for their work.

Contra Cabal Foundation will respect former trustee the late William D Winn's last admonition "Go get 'em!" by continuing to report academic malfeasance and to expose morally repugnant academicians and public officials.

Readers should consider the articles and case studies as a work in progress.

More information about academic or government fraud and deceit frequently surfaces after victims or their associates read Contra Cabal.

That information becomes part of a relevant case study after verification and validation.

Students and current faculty members write letters to the editor on politically sensitive issues.

Some correspondents request name withholding to avoid retaliation.

Contra Cabal electronic magazine contains expose and satire.

Probably one of the first to appear on the web, it has now published since 1992.

The hits/month range between 100,000 and 150,000 with more than 1.5 million hits by about 60,000 unique visitors during the past twelve months.

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