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Contra Cabal describes the unethical, illegal and vindictive behavior of presidents and administrators at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, University of Washington and their counterparts in Seattle Jewish Mafia. It deals primarily with elder abuse, incarceration, and homicide. Whores of Academe, a companion site, addresses denial of academic freedom and extant university corruption. Both sites cover denial of freedom of expression and human rights.

Two archive sites contain the pages that Judge James A. Doerty, Washington Superior Court evicted and sent me to jail for publishing. Those archives memorialize a successful supreme court challenge which addressed outrageous prior restraint, censorship, and jail unlawfully imposed upon me by straw judges associated with University of Washington and Seattle Jewish Mafia.

Some intelligent men and women are cruel. Stupid and avaricious men and women like Judges Mary Kay Becker, James A. Doerty, Michael C. Hayden, and Anthony P. Wartnik, Washington courts are monstrously cruel. They actively encouraged Council House, Seattle to introduce suborned perjury into evidence and to tamper with witnesses then jailed me for exposing and publishing reports of crimes committed by their associates.

Ironically, Jan Michels, formerly Executive Director, Washington State Bar Association (WSBA), described widespread hypocrisy among lawyers and judges on his own turf. He said that a republic once meant allegiance to a country committed to living under the rule of law instead of fear and coercion - a premise that required choosing a judiciary based upon agreed rules that governed the common good.

Trial court denied my right to counsel and jailed me for 111 days (including 25 days in solitary confinement) for what I wrote and published. Washington Supreme Court (30 Mar 06) unanimously concurred with arguments by Seattle lawyer William J. Crittenden and lawyers representing five international amici curiae about misuse of antiharassment law to prevent me from publishing exposé. [Amicus Curiae]

Judge Doerty knowingly relied upon perjured evidence and refused time for a discovery process. He denied legal counsel and cross-examination of suborned witnesses before jailing me with an indeterminate sentence. Out-of-control, he made wild and disgusting accusations and entered biased, ad hominem comments into the record without any opportunity for rebuttal.

Doerty's misconduct allowed mafioso to cover up harassment and unlawful activities including breach of contract, fraud, witness tampering, homicide, and denial of constitutional and human rights which have persisted for more than two decades. More mafia conspiracy and perjury occurred while I was in jail which persuaded Doerty to rachet up coercion by giving me twenty-five days solitary confinement. Instead of trying to mitigate the damage that they caused, academic and mafia dons continue the harassment.

After five years of justice delay to justice deny tactics, Washington Supreme Court concluded that trial court had abused its discretion in physically restraining me and adding content restrictions to an antiharassment order. It also concluded that trial court erred in multiple findings of contempt of court which resulted in torture and solitary confinement in King County Jail, Seattle. Consequently, it reversed those draconian trial and appellate decisions.

Of course, that reversal did not return the four months of my life spent under the most appalling conditions while deprived of medication and subject to torture; however, jail reaffirmed my belief as a writer in truth and sincerity. It taught me how to understand the other prisoners and the delusional judges that jailed me. It persuaded me not to change anything as a result of evil or harmful decisions by malevolent judges who must learn that coercion does not work with literate, intelligent people. . . .

This tale of two cities (Troy, NY and Seattle, WA) uses analogy, satire, and parodies immortal writings by Charles Dickens, Franz Kafka, Jack London, Niccolo Machiavelli, Jonathan Swift, and Oscar Wilde. It shows how very little has changed during the past 100 years. Predominance of power and greed, an increase in poverty and ethnic prejudice, and a denial of civil and human rights concurrent with a loss of freedom of expression demonstrate how the oppressed have again become the oppressors.

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of wisdom, it was the age of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of light, it was the season of darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we were all going direct to heaven, we were all going direct the other way - in short, the period was so far like the present period, that some of its noisiest authorities insisted on its being received, for good or for evil, in the superlative degree of comparison only.

And there I was, in solitary confinement in King County Jail, Washington, USA, “the land of the free”, awaiting the day when the servants of the state would lead me away into what they fondly believed was the dark - the dark they feared; the dark that gave them fearsome and superstitious fancies; the dark that drove them, driveling and whining, to the altars of their fear-created, anthropomorphic gods.

And I languished. I, released from eighty-six days in the dungeons and time in the jacket. I, whom even the guards ranked too weak to work in the road gang, I, whom they left alone to recuperate from too terrible punishment, I, who suffered from wrongful injection of drugs by jail authorities,.

I thought much on these matters, through bloody nights and sweats of dark for months that seemed years long, alone with my many selves to consult and contemplate them. I went through hells of existence to bring to you news which you will share with me in casual comfortable hours reading these digitized pages.

I spent time in dark, solitary confinement, that other inmates called a living death. Through months of death-in-life I managed to attain freedom such as few men have ever known. Closest-confined, not only did I range the world but I ranged time. They who immured me gave to me, albeit unwittingly, the largess of centuries.

At Council House, elderly people secretly detested an old lag when he first approached them with his plan to jail me. Many of them laughed at him and turned away with curses calling him the ghetto fool. But he fooled forty of the bitterest ones. The lag approached the elderly again and again with help from mafia lawyers Maureen L. Mitchell and Craig S. Sternberg. He told of his power as a trusty to mafia stools Stephen A. Mitchell and Audrey F. Dunbar and his control of the computer lab.

But this suborner’s too-lively imagination ran away with him. He made a slip that will eventually put his accomplices in jail and their lawyers before the state bar association. At this stage I entered or, rather, I departed, for they took me away out of the sunshine and the light of day to the dungeons, and in the dungeons and in the solitary cells, out of the sunshine and the light of day, I rotted.

Franz Kafka

Then I realized without doubt in that stillness a subdued hum was audible which was more exciting than the wildest applause. There can be no doubt that behind all the actions of this court of justice, that is to say in my case, behind my arrest and interrogation, there is a great organization at work.

This organization not only employs corrupt warders, oafish inspectors, and examining magistrates of whom the best that can be said is that they recognize their own limitations, but also has at its disposal a judicial hierarchy of high, indeed of the highest rank, with an indispensable and numerous retinue of servants, clerks, police, and other assistants, perhaps even hangmen.

And the significance of this great organization? It consists in this, that innocent persons are accused of guilt, and senseless proceedings are put in motion against them as in my own case. But considering the senselessness of the whole, how is it possible for the higher ranks to prevent gross corruption in their agents? It is impossible. Even the highest judge in this organization cannot resist it.

And here I close my narrative. At ten o’clock in Seattle murderers’ and rapists’ row that means lights out. Even now, I hear the soft tread of the guard as he comes to see whether I have died and to urinate in a broken toilet outside my cell door leaving a stench that permeates my cell all night. In that place mere living censured the doomed to die!

I have learned that good writers change only what they wish to change and disdain attempts at censorship and coercive persuasion. That spell in solitary confinement with murderers showed me that murder may rank as the worst crime in the eyes of the law but that does not make murderers the worst criminals.

With apologies to Charles Dickens, Franz Kafka, and Jack London.

About the Author
Paul Trummel (Nmesis)

Paul Trummel, published since 1944, uses the pseudonym Nmesis and openly declares personal or conflicting interests.

These conflicts may relate to topics or to opinion, especially when the content draws upon advocacy, experience, conclusion, or interpretation.

As an accredited journalist, he conforms with the code of conduct and ethics of the journalism profession, tested by courts in both Great Britain and the USA.

Since 1947, he has worked as a journalist, an editor (commercial and academic peer-review), a technical communicator, an associate professor (visual communi-cation and rhetoric), and as an administrator at several leading universities.

He has held international press credentials since 1959 and holds two elected international graphic arts fellowships.

He earned professional letters in the UK that translated into two baccalaureate degrees and a terminal graduate degree in the US.

He has also earned a Rensselaer graduate degree and two US PhD degrees (now ABD).

[Sherking Responsibility]

He taught graduate level students at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Northeastern University, Fitchburg State College,
San Jose State University, Massachusetts Bay Community College, and a private institute of graphic design.

He held an administrative post at University of Massachusetts, Boston, and has lectured at universities in US, Europe, and Japan.

In 1957 (London), he founded and operated the first full-service technical communication organization, a group of publishing and technical/graphic communication companies where he held the position of chief executive officer.

In 1973 (Connecticut), he designed and marketed the first typesetting system driven by a minicomputer, the precursor for today's desktop publishing systems.

He has won an international silver medal for his satire and a US city award for his educational programs for disadvantaged people.

Since 1992, he has investigated and written several hundred articles on bureaucratic and elder abuse.

He founded Contra Cabal, one of the first electronic magazines to appear on the web, for which he develops the site, writes articles, designs pages, and produces graphics.

Contra Cabal has now published for almost fifteen years.

Earlier, it published as email for six years. The hits/month now range between 100,000 and 150,000 with more than a million hits during the past twelve months.

Articles cover ongoing criminal activity by bureaucrats and elder abuse.

They describe the actions of corrupt judges and gross misconduct by lawyers who file frivolous law suits against tenants in government financially-assisted housing.

They outline how managers use unlawful retaliatory measures and propaganda to destroy the reputations of people who report illegal activity and racism.

Washington Supreme Court unanimously reversed a lower court decision that effectively allowed prior restraint and defined journalism inquiry as surveillance and harassment.

Repeatedly, lawyers who could find no fault with content instead personally attacked the author or his genre.

A corrupt judge imposed prior restraint and jailed him for contempt when he challenged the court decisions as a basic violation of constitutional and human rights.

To further coerce him, in consort with other jurists, the judge then arbitrarily transferred him to solitary confinement among murderers and rapists.

His published work in the print media for more than sixty years has received no challenge relating to accuracy.

People, among them elected judges and lawyers upon whom the public should be able to rely, have tried to stop him publishing information on politically sensitive issues.

That prior restraint, and restrictions on personal mobility, has now become a matter of international concern.

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU - Seattle),
International Federation of Journalists (IFJ- Brussels),
National Union of Journalists (NUJ - London),
American Society of Authors and Editors (ASAE - New York),
and Seattle Weekly

all filed amicus curiae briefs with Washington Supreme Court in support of his successful First Amendment stance.

Credential validation upon request by journalists and other responsible parties from:

Contra Cabal electronic magazine contains exposé and satire. Probably one of the first to appear on the web, it has published for fifteen years. The hits/month range between 100,000 and 150,000 with more than 1.5 million hits by about 60,000 unique visitors during the past twelve months. Home Page

Nothing Succeeds like Excess

Academic freedom, an absolute right not an abstract philosophy, should not subserve economic considerations.

Moreover, information technology remains a right not a privilege despite technocratic claims to the contrary.

Legislative and judicial decisions have determined the right of individuals to distribute information freely and the Bill of Rights documents the protection individuals should expect from the state.

However, laws do not provide much protection when despotic administrators interfere with computer resources because they disagree with the content of messages: a disagreement probably based upon disclosure of their own malfeasance.

They fear dissent and have an aversion to controversy. Their addiction to political correctness frequently causes them to invoke censorship of Internet activities.

They not only empower their systems administrators to handle frivolous email complaints by arbitrarily removing computer access but also allow them to censor incoming mail - an outrageous invasion of personal privacy.

They act upon an irrational expectation that certain categories of email may contain something that Big Mama would not wish others to read then arbitrarily reject it.

Interference with email transmission not specifically proscribed by federal law classifies as a federal offense which Rensselaer and University of Washington officials commit with impunity.

New Releases
September 2007

Shirley Ann Jackson, the latest arrival in a trio of uncaring Rensselaer presidents: Schmidt (1988), Pipes (1993), Jackson (1999), continued to employ Thomas Phelan, former H&SS Dean, as "university historian" and publicly adulated him at his death (2006), knowing that he had defrauded the university of millions of dollars by posing as a PhD when he did not hold a post-graduate degree.

Phelan's fraud trickled down to negatively affect students. Informed about denial of due process of law to untenured faculty and students, Jackson did nothing about it. She maintains a hypocritical political silence on issues that have had a devastating effect on many faculty and student lives while she unashamedly touts an ethical institution.

Phelan's deanship allowed him to employ a cabal of unqualified and inexperienced faculty that in turn short-changed hundreds of students who had paid one of the highest rates of tuition in the US. RPI breach of contract left them with a huge tuition debt and cost them millions of dollars in income through loss of their careers. Successive deans Duchin (1996) and Harrington (2002) covered up the criminal activity that they inherited which effectively made them accessories after the fact.

2007 has seen publication of a series of articles that expose academic and criminal fraud at Rensselaer and University of Washington (UW). They describe a cover-up of ongoing fraud that Jackson, Palazzo, and Harrington (RPI) also Emmert (UW) have neglected to address.

A list of fifteen articles published during September includes a new series entitled Roll of Dishonor which exposes alleged criminal activity by individual tenured faculty members and administrators. New case studies will continue to appear each month.

Information about academic fraud and deceit frequently surfaces after alumni and former faculty members read Contra Cabal. That information becomes part of a relevant case study after verification and validation. Students and current faculty members also write letters to the editor on politically sensitive issues. Some correspondents request name withholding to avoid retaliation which the editor, a professional journalist, honors.

Send letters to the editor at:

[Letters to the Editor]

Case studies explain in detail the nature of alleged crimes.

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